Lyme Disease – The New Global Epidemic

My friend Diana posted this blog to alert her followers to Global Lyme Disease Awareness Month. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2001 and can attest to months of aches and pains, extreme fatigue and surgery. Fortunately I did recover. Read this for eye-opening data, heed warnings about ticks, and cross your fingers for a successful vaccine some day!


Diana:  I discovered Veronica Hughes’ blog, completely by accident and was immediately hooked.  Not only is she a fantastic writer, she lets us peek into a part of the world normally closed to outsiders.  Her posts are usually humorous, but one day she posted an angst-filled story about how Lyme’s Disease has hurt her son.  I was so moved, I had to reach out to her and find out more.  When Veronica shared her story with me, I knew I must help her reach as many people as possible, so I asked her to guest blog today.  Her story is too important to be missed and it just may save your life.

In honor of May being Global Lyme Disease Awareness Month (and Global and U.S. protest month, too) please feel free to pass this post on, reblog it, or share it through twitter, facebook, or other social…

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