Diana’s Gripes and Kudos: Victoria’s Secret

Diana’s gripes are always funny and have a good foundation (pun intended!)


Last time I griped about Burger King. Today Victoria’s Secret is up on the block.

Just going into Victoria’s Secret is difficult. Entering that world of underwear and lingerie is like setting foot on an alien planet. I tend to be a bit of a girly girl, but for some reason the vast array of underwear has me feeling cast adrift and on unsure footing. In the back of my head, I hear my grandmother’s voice telling me I don’t belong in that ultra-sexy, possibly sinful place.

Even when I get my prudish side in check, there are just too many choices, many of them seeming vaguely uncomfortable or designed solely for nonfunctional use.  Let’s face it, whoever came up with the idea of a thong had to be a serious misogynist.

That being said, Victoria’s Secret has absolutely evolved. When they redesigned my favorite bra — frankly the only…

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