Earth Day Frogs

Near Bel Pre Creek, where I walk on the Matthew Henson Trail, the county has built a small bioretention pond to slow drainage to the creek. It’s a great place for frogs. Last summer, I counted eleven green frogs singing there; it seemed a startling number for a pond not much bigger than my kitchen. Their one-note “banjo” calls sounded like a bluegrass band tuning up.

 This spring, pickerel frogs have appeared i220px-Pickerel_Frogn the little pond. I heard their low, guttural calls, something between a groan and a snore. They stopped when I got close. I stood still and after a quiet minute or two, tried to imitate their sound. Right away, a frog responded, then another, then a third. Wow! After a short silence, I groaned again, and again the pickerel frogs took turns answering. What a treat. Just call me the Frog Whisperer!

2 comments on “Earth Day Frogs

    • It turns out that freelance writers are all supposed to have a website that agents and editors presumably check out. So I did that. I’ll keep adding to it, but meantime, I’m still not understanding stuff about the phone. Susan and the kids are coming for dinner tonight so maybe I’ll get some tech support!

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